Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Call for a Math Class Make-over

Today I had the opportunity to unpack the Common Core in both math and ELA with other teachers in my district.  We had a full day to better understand what was behind its implementation, the anchor standards, disciplinary implementation, practice standards, critical areas, what it might look like in the classroom, and more.  We also had a chance to come together as a school and make some decisions as to where we go next.  Although there was a lot of information shared, professional development of this nature is invaluable.  We came away speaking the same language, understanding the concerns of the other curriculum areas, and knowing, as a team, how to attack it.  I plan to share some of the resources I received in future postings.

Part of the presentation was a video of Dan Meyer presenting at a TED conference.  His discussion of the math class makeover is worth considering.  I found this inspiring and wanting to learn more.  Math teachers may want to check out his blog for additional strategies.  Enjoy!

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