Wednesday, March 27, 2013

April Fool's Resources from Edutopia... no, really!

April Fool's Day is NEXT MONDAY! Here's a thorough list of April Fool's resources provided by our friends at Edutopia.

I thought this Classroom Laughter Primer by Allie Magnuson in Scholastic was interesting about using humor in the classroom - right on point. Debunks all the usual excuses teachers try to avoid using humor. As an aside, I'm trying to get more skilled at including Habits of Mind 'practice'/skill building in my curriculum, and one of the Habits of Mind  is "Finding Humor" in learning, so that's a thought too...

I also enjoyed Edutopia's April Fools Day Video Playlist. Check the Orchestral Practical Joke, for one...

Need one more?  Try The Foil Prank.  No, not on your co-worker... as a math activity that challenges the students to determine how much foil it would take to cover everything in the classroom.  You'll see the standards at the bottom of the page.

For those of you on Spring/Easter break next week, enjoy your well-deserved time off!!!  If you are in school, try to blend in one or two April Fool's related activities if you can!

CC Connection: if you really do need to connect it (it's ok to not!) use some of this to create opportunities for students to reflect on, be creative with, or write about their experiences on April Fool's, inside of school or out.

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