Saturday, October 5, 2013

Eureka Math - Math Maps

This weekend our schoolyard has been transformed into a venerable math problem.  How do you lay out a large carnival with rides, food and game booths, and a stage in a yard that is now consumed by a major building project?  Geometry, physics, measurement, estimation, ratios – what we have going on is ripe with math and science opportunities.  Real life application of skills is one of the highest levels of learning.  How often do we take our students away from the textbooks and have them apply what they learn to real situations?  What tools are out there to help you create those opportunities, especially in STEM areas?

One solution is Eureka Math.  If you are a fan of's language arts curriculum maps (The Wheatley Portfolio), take a look at their math maps, Eureka Math. 
Eureka Math provides a complete map curriculum for grades PK to 12, including lessons, videos and scaffolding. Created for the teachers in New York, these comprehensive math plans are aligned to the Common Core and can supplement whatever math curriculum your school has currently adopted.

You can review units for grades 3, 6 and 9 online, but regular access is a very inexpensive ($30/year per grade level group). 

We know our readers enjoy great math resources.  Please share what you like with us!

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