Friday, October 17, 2014

YouTube Social Studies Channels and Resources

I did a bit of research to develop a concise list of You Tube channels and playlists for our Social Studies department. The feedback I got was these were very useful, so I thought I'd pass them on. Here's what I pulled together, with some brief notes...

  • Crash Course World History & US History
    • Fast paced 
    • Great opener or refresher
  • Hip Hughes History
    • Geared to HS AP students
    • Upbeat & engaging fashion - great for new unit
    • 50 videos on 1000 years of history, produced in Britain
  • Yale Courses YouTube playlists
    • MANY playlists on wide variety of topics
  • Smithsonian Natural History YouTube playlists
  • History Teachers YouTube videos
    • History set to modern music!
    • Example: Attila the Hun to the tune of “Here Comes the Rain Again” 

What do you recommend?

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