Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Apps for your Social Studies Classroom

If your students use tablets you may be looking for informative, engaging apps for the coming school year.  Below are some tablet apps associated with Social Studies.  These apps are fun and linked to state standards.  Take some time to explore the options.  Most are available in both iOS and Android, and just about all are free!
GeoBee Challenge

  • GeoBee Challenge HD    
  • Google Earth

  • 1000 Places to See Before you Die
  • American Revolution Interactive Timeline
  • Constitution for iPad
  • Declaration
  • Early Jamestown
    Stack the Counties Lite
  • GeoMaster US
  • History: Maps of the World
  • iteachStatesFree
  • Shake em up State Capitals
  • Spell the States
  • Stack the Countries Lite
  • Stack the States (Lite)
  • States and Capitals Challenge Lite
  • States of the Union
  • Stories of the California Missions Mini
  • The States
  • USA Factbook Free
  • US History Timeline
  • US Presidents Facts for Kids
  • World Atlas
  • World Book - This Day in History

Junior High
Presidents vs. Aliens
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Declaration
  • Google Earth
  • History: Maps of the World
  • History Pin
  • Pocket History Ancient Egypt
  • Presidents vs. Aliens
  • Smithsonian App
  • States of the Union
  • Tap Quiz Map World Edition
  • TimeLine Eons
  • World Book - This Day in History

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