Student Work Samples

This collection of student work demostrates the many ways technology can be used in the classroom.  They may spark ideas on how you can engage students in your classroom.  We thank the teachers and students who have shared their work.


Using time line tool WhenInTime to create a plot map for the novel River Between Us by Richard Peck.  (Karen Larson, Grade 8 Literature)

Using Little Bird Tales to illustrate slave narratives found in the Library of Congress web site. (Karen Larson, 8th Grade Literature/Social Studies) cover image

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"Ghost Beach" Book Report by Pierre (Francesca Pollock) - Little Bird Tale

Social Studies
(as of 11/11/13, HelloSlide is down, unfortunately. Will keep checking this...)

The Bubonic Plague by Aidan and Jack (Gene Tognetti)


Modern Language

Intervention/Special Ed

ELL/Language Developers

Other/Non-Subject Specific

(Ann McInnis, Kindergarten, St. Leo the Great School)


  • Florida Center for Instructional Technology Technology Integration Matrix
  • Hundreds of Student- and Teacher-created videos Next Vista For Learning

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