Thursday, February 13, 2014

Integrating STEM with Physical Education

Clemson University recently published a study that illustrated the growing trend of obesity in American adults over the past 25 years.  As you would suspect the future state of health in this country looks dire.

The study outlined how school schedules cannot provide adequate time for the physical activity necessary to help manage weight in children.  Additionally, it found that children prefer more sedentary activities during their short recess breaks.

The Clemson researchers then suggests that combining science with physical education would address a couple important educational concerns – additional physical activity and applying science to real life situations that students enjoy.

There is a natural relationship between the physical activity, science and math.  The researchers presented a collection of lessons that integrate physical education with those disciplines (elementary lessons).  Check out the presentation! The lessons may spark other ideas for you to implement.

Connect a Million Minds has a phenomenal site that ties math, science, engineering and technology to sports.  Current posts about basketball, football, golf and auto racing link educators and parents to a plethora of lessons, activities and other information.

The site also pulls in well-known athletes, like Magic Johnson (above) and Jeff Gordon, to introduce the units.  I presented this site to physical education teachers earlier this week, and they were very impressed by the lessons, videos and resources.

If you know of other sites that tie physical education to core curriculum areas, please let us know!


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