Thursday, November 17, 2016

Uploading Word Docs with Tables to GSuite...successfully!

Here's a re-post of a Tech Tip I wrote recently for SmartBrief Education's Connected Teaching and Learning. You can see the original post here.

In a recent conversation with clients about how they could get more from G Suite for Education and Google Classroom, I discovered that many of them had problems uploading Word docs that include tables. The table formats changed during the conversion process. I decided to test drive it myself.
In the first test, I found a Word doc with multiple tables that included bullets, check boxes and URLs
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in the cells and uploaded it. I turned off "Conversion" in the Drive settings. The document looked fine in the preview page. I then selected "Open With Google Docs" and converted it to Google Docs format. Everything was perfect -- exactly how it looked in my original.
I uploaded the document again, this time with "Conversion" turned on in the settings. The uploaded, auto-converted version came out fine.
I ran this test twice more with two more documents and each one had the same successful result.
If you have had trouble in the past with converting table-laden MS Word docs, I urge you to give it another shot. Things have changed and it's very likely that your documents will come out fine. Mine did.

You can see the original post here.

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