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The Best Work-from-Home Jobs for Teachers

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The Best Work-from-Home Jobs for Teachers

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Most teachers find themselves in a bit of a pickle when summer break rolls around and they need to find a flexible job that they can either leave after a couple of months, or keep on after school starts back up in the fall. It’s tricky to find the right place of employment, but sometimes you just have to get creative.
It is possible to find retail work or a job in a restaurant, but some need a little more flexibility than those jobs offer. If you’d rather work from home and set your own schedule, there are plenty of options, and you may even be able to continue these jobs during the school year. Here are some of the best.
Work as a writer/blogger/editor
As a teacher, you have invaluable experience and advice to give parents and other educators, so put it to good use by creating a blog or contributing freelance articles to another blog. Many writers on the web make good money with advertising, so check out several sites to get a feel for how the process works.
You can also contact publishers – especially ones that distribute textbooks – and ask if they have a need for an editor. It takes a sharp eye and some patience, but editing is always in high demand, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
Be a dog boarder or dog walker with
If you’re an animal lover and you are allowed to have pets in your home, you might consider boarding a dog or other pet. With sites like, you can meet up with pet owners who are looking for a responsible caregiver for their animal while they’re away, and you might be able to take on more than one animal at once to maximize your earning potential. The company will even take care of the financial details for you.
Many pet owners find it difficult to make it home during the day to let their dog out, so this is a great opportunity for you to make some cash while bonding with a sweet animal if you aren’t able to board one in your home. There could be several pet owners in your neighborhood who need help with dog walking duties, so this is another job that is both flexible and offers more than one way to earn.
Tutor to help prevent the summer slide
A relatively stress-free job, tutoring can be done on a very flexible schedule, at your own pace, from your own home, and you can choose your clients. It shouldn’t be too hard to advertise your services, either; talk to parents before the end of the school year and let them know you’re available for tutoring sessions over the summer. This is another job you can easily keep during the active school year.
Give music lessons
If you’re talented with an instrument, or if you teach music at school, offering music lessons from your home is a great way to earn extra cash over the summer. Many parents are pulling their hair out trying to keep their kids occupied over the summer, and learning an instrument is a great way for youngsters to stay out of trouble and keep focused.
Finding the right summer job can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Get creative and get paid to put your talents to good use.

Joyce Wilson is a retired teacher with decades of experience. Today, she is a proud grandmom and mentor to teachers in her local public school system. She and a fellow retired teacher created to share creative ideas and practical resources for the classroom.