Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mobile Devices in the Classroom, Part 1, with Balefire Labs

This webinar features our friend Balefire Labs President Karen Mahon and the Center for Innovations in Learning's Janet Twyman. It is sponsored by the Center for Innovations in Learning (CIL) at Temple University. To learn more about CIL, visit their website:

Some very interesting thoughts about using mobile devices and how to uncover the power of using them to further student learning in the modern classroom. In this webinar, Dr. Mahon describes five criteria used to evaluate the quality of educational apps, and participants get a chance to apply those criteria in evaluating an educational app.

Well worth watching!

Friday, October 17, 2014

YouTube Social Studies Channels and Resources

I did a bit of research to develop a concise list of You Tube channels and playlists for our Social Studies department. The feedback I got was these were very useful, so I thought I'd pass them on. Here's what I pulled together, with some brief notes...

  • Crash Course World History & US History
    • Fast paced 
    • Great opener or refresher
  • Hip Hughes History
    • Geared to HS AP students
    • Upbeat & engaging fashion - great for new unit
    • 50 videos on 1000 years of history, produced in Britain
  • Yale Courses YouTube playlists
    • MANY playlists on wide variety of topics
  • Smithsonian Natural History YouTube playlists
  • History Teachers YouTube videos
    • History set to modern music!
    • Example: Attila the Hun to the tune of “Here Comes the Rain Again” 

What do you recommend?