Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Google Docs Template Gallery How To

I'm starting up a Journalism class with 7th graders, and I needed a template to use for the online paper the students and I have envisioned. Not wanting to recreate the wheel, I started poking around Google, and, lo and behold, there are SEVERAL good examples in the template gallery. I don't use the gallery often, but after this experience I need to do so more. It's a nice time saver. As I cruised around the gallery, I was impressed by the sheer number of choices, most (all?) of which have been added by individuals like us.

Here's what I did:

1) Open a new Google Doc, then under the File menu, select From Template, as shown.

2) Browse by 'type' (document, spreadsheet, etc) or 'category' (Students & Teachers, Business or many others), select the subcategory if applicable.. Or you can search the templates by names like "newsletter' or "calendar".

3) Preview the template, and if you want to use it, click the Use this template button.

That's about it!

You can also create templates for your organization,  look at templates used previously, or ones you've created. Click the appropriate link at the top of the page.

Again, a nice time saver to jump start you or your students adding content in an organized way, with defined structure, which can cover many aspects of writing for Common Core, and beyond.

If you've found any cool templates, please share!

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