Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick Key for Exit Tickets and Formative Assessments

In a prior post we examined quality tech tools that can be used as a means of formative assessment.  I found another one – Quick Key.

Quick Key uses your smartphone to grade simple multiple choice and true/false assessments.  Using a provided bubble answer sheet, students take the quiz, and the teacher uses a scan function on the app to capture the answers and score the quiz.  The teacher then downloads a spreadsheet with the scores to input into the gradebook.  It’s very cool!

I tried Quick Key this week, and am generally happy with it.  After scanning, the display quickly notified me of the student name (through an ID number), the number of answers correct, and if there were any questions no responses, before allowing me to scan the next quiz. 

This notification was especially important, as it allowed me to double-check names; and on a couple, pull out and manually score, as they indicated blanks where none actually existed.  Some students used ink and crossed out answers, which required me to manually score too.  Better instructions next time will eliminate that problem.

Quick Key took little time to set up, and adding quizzes is very easy.  The app is free, but only available on iOS at this time.  They are working to develop the Android app.  Check out their video below, then give it a try!

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