Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Student Ed Tech Examples Wanted!!!

In the various professional development sessions we do, a repeated request from teachers regarding tech-enabled curriculum is "GIVE US EXAMPLES!" We've provided some in these sessions, and the teacher feedback is often "more please!" Here's a starting list, sorted by subject, to spark ideas for teachers.  We have also included the wonderful examples provided by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology in their Integration Matrix, and also Next Vista for Learning. These are great resources! We want to add to what we've gathered so far.

We need more great student examples! And so, this is a call for your inspiring examples of tech-enabled student work.

Do you have examples of student edtech work you can share? We're looking for videos, electronic cartoons, Google Docs, Prezis, word clouds, blogs, word webs, portfolios... anything of good quality that demonstrates student learning enabled by ed tech.  If you have a lesson plan that goes along with the example, great, but if not, don't worry; often the result can tell the story by itself!

Of course, if it is Common Core-based learning, all the better.

If you are providing a video, PLEASE ensure you've received permission from the students in the video (otherwise, it should not be public anyway, right?). If it's a Google Doc or other student-identifiable piece, please take a screenshot or otherwise obscure any student identifying information.

If you have something good to share, please send details to "info at " (trying to avoid a spam fest, in case you're wondering). Or, you can reply to this post  - whatever works for you.  The details should include:
  • a link or attachment of the student work sample
  • your name and your school
  • student grade and subject
  • a brief 1-2 sentence description of the artifact (including the grade level standard supported)
  • (optional) the lesson plan and/or standards (CCSS or other)  that inspired the work
We will take a quick look to ensure what you're providing passes the requirements noted above, and then post the artifact and other info you provide. 

We're feeling our way here; we're hoping to build a significant repository of examples for teachers- and students - to use as they become more immersed in the capabilities and great outcomes possible with the use of technology in the classroom.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and help! Let's grow this thing!!!!

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