Friday, December 27, 2013

Thinglink - higher level thinking resource, free upgrade

Wanted to get this out now - looks like a deadline is looming (I believe this upgrade is only til 12/31/13).  You can still upgrade to a free education account on Thinglink. If you do not yet know about Thinglink, it's an interesting tool that allows teachers to upload an image, tag it with links to web content, and then share that image with students. Students can look at an image, start clicking around, and be taken to other relevant web pages, add their own comments, and more. I'm new to Thinglink, but it looks like a golden opportunity to easily add a simple to use, creative and collaborative component to your classroom.

Here is an example of what you can do.

Learn more about what can be done by watching this Making Interactive Pictures video.

There are several ways Thinglink can be used in the classroom - math (factoring polynomials!), language arts, science, social studies and more. Here's a Pinterest Thinglink board with some ideas - check it out! And one more Thinklink Edu Pinterest board for your viewing pleasure. Get creative!

If you're using Thinglink, please let us know - it's an interesting tool with many applications in education, and we'd love to know your experiences and creative ways it's being used!

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