Friday, January 24, 2014

Four great Math video sites

Teaching Common Core math requires a definite pivot for most teachers. Our Standards for Math Practices page - ripped from the CC headlines - outlines the focus at a very high level. You can find the specific standards yourself in many places, including Mastery Connect (and here's a post about Mastery Connect's iOS and Android apps, too).

Here are a few of our most popular Math Video posts, so you can more effectively learn how to implement Common Core Math standards, or provide your students better resources and support.

Teaching Channel- MANY high quality math videos - Teaching Channel has a stunning array of Math videos for you to choose from. Excellent quality, relatively brief videos are the norm here. They have a wide variety of other educator PD, from classroom management to Common Core and more. If you look nowhere else, look here.

Numberphile- Engaging Math Videos - This is for teachers to brush up on certain  topics - laws, theorems, applications, and so on. The videos can also be posted to your class site, and used in a 'flipped' approach so students can learn more directly about the topics you need them to learn.  

SEDL - Common Core Math and more SEDL has a detailed set of videos describing key standards of the CCSS in math, by grade level. Each video focuses on one or more specific standard and includes examples and illustrations. Main purpose: clarify the meaning of the standard, not how to teach the standard.  

Mathalicious- Real-World Problem-Solving -  includes “real life” topics that keep students engaged. This site provides junior high math teachers with lessons to teach math in a way that engages their students and understand how the world works.

And one to grow on...

This is not a video resource, but I'm compelled to put in another good word for the National Science Digital Library. Plan on spending some quality time here - it's a stunning array of easy to find resources and online tools that are directly linked to the Common Core Math standards.

Again, what resources for math do YOU find most useful? Please let your community know by responding to this post!

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