Thursday, April 24, 2014

Close Reading Sites to Meet CCSS

Looking for some quality online close reading choices for your students?  These sites all address Common Core standards, provide exposure to non-fiction, have embedded reading comprehension questions, and access to a teacher dashboard for easy management.  I have spoke to teachers who have use at least one of these sites, and give each high marks.  

Newsela - This site is completely non-fiction, using the most current news articles as the reading. Newsela is unique in that it scaffolds each article to five different lexile levels.  No more students reading at frustration level, and all students can join in the conversation.  There are quizzes associated with each story.  Free version, and a pro version that offers a dashboard system.  

Curriculet - Rent books for your students to read.  The inexpensive rental includes annotations, reading comprehension questions and quizzes, all aligned to the Common Core.  Book choices include short stories, non-fiction, drama, and more, grades 3 - 12. Teachers can create their own “curriculets” too. (Note, the authors of this blog are content developers for Curriculet).

ThinkCERCA - Provides leveled information texts connected by grade and themes.  A unique tool to support problem-based learning.  Themes include technology, culture, and social responsibility.  Includes writing prompts and rubrics.  This is not a free site,  Currently free to use texts for grades 4 - 12.

Youngzine - Another opportunity for students to read about about global issues. This site provides their own articles, written about topics that interest students. Students have opportunities to post comments in a safe environment meant to promote learning and collaboration. Check out the "meet the expert" pages too. Free, includes teacher management. Great for home-schoolers too!

Use these site to support your reading program and help you meet your CCSS.  They provide variety that your students crave.  Do you have other close reading sites you like?  Let us know!

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