Friday, May 9, 2014

Google Cultural Institute - Global Teaching at Your Fingertips

My job affords me the opportunity to speak to parents about raising good digital citizens. My goal is to highlight what's positive about their children being "online". Young people can learn more about their interests, develop better communication skills, and become more familiar with new and developing technologies. They also have the awesome opportunity to learn about other cultures and viewpoints. One site they can use for that is Google Cultural Institute.

Check out this video for a quick look at what GCI can do.

As a teacher, this site has unlimited uses in your classroom.  Your students can tour some of the most respected art and history museums in the world.  They can compare works side-by-side, zoom into art pieces so close you can see brushstrokes, and tour the museums as if you were there.  

Art instructors can use this site for virtual tours, analysis of works, and studies of artists. Other teachers should consider visiting this site when studying the Holocaust, women, Greek culture, wars, industry or specific time periods.  There are exhibits featuring Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela.  After a few minutes scrolling through the galleries, any teacher should find something to use in lessons.

I appreciate Google using their powerful resources to bring students opportunities to learn more about the world around them.  The Google Cultural Institute and the Google Art Project are two ways we can better understand the issues that frame our world, and the cultures that make our society so diverse and rich.  

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