Thursday, June 25, 2015

Using Photos App for Great Student Outcomes

The convenience of having a smartphone or tablet is multiplied by the fact it has a camera.  We use the camera for more than recording family events and nature’s beauty – the flash makes a great flashlight and its ability to zoom doubles as a magnifier.  It's a multi-functional tool that has great value in the classroom too.

The iPad Photo app may be one of the under-rated native apps on the tablet.  Spending a little time on organization on a semi-regular basis is not a bad idea.  It is a sleek way to curate those treasured images.  Albums are easy to make and a great way to memorialize class parties, field trips, presentations and other student events. 

Taking some time to discuss proper photography techniques with students is a good way to ensure successful outcomes.  The Rule of Three, backlighting, shadows, and movement are all issues that can make or break a photo.

Images can also be integrated into student work as a way for them to show what they know.  If you are in a Google App for Education school, any image in the Photos app can be uploaded to Google Drive.  Students who create work in apps that save to Photos (Shadow Puppets, for example) can easily upload that work to Drive (or Google Classroom) to share, add to other work, or simply store.  This is especially important in classroom where many students use the same tablet.
Here are a few apps that students may enjoy using to build outcome with photos…
  • Flipagram – students can upload photos to tell a story with text and voice (free)
  • ChatterPix – Give any photo a voice (with a moving mouth!) and let it tell the story (free)
  • Waterlogue – takes images and makes a beautiful watercolor ($2.99)

If you have other photo apps your students like to use, let us know!

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