Saturday, May 17, 2014

Creativity Apps for iPads that Primary Teachers Love

I had fun working with teachers this week at an iPad workshop.  The focus was creativity, including a discussion of ways to integrate technology with CCSS.  Both elementary and primary teachers were engaged in learning about the apps and how to use them in their classrooms, but it was the primary teachers who really got into the process.  

Below are the four apps that primary teachers loved.  They used all in building "student samples" and teacher presentations.  Their focus were science related (life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly, for example). Check out these tools - as you can see, the theme here is simple and fun...

Tellagami - short animated videos
Haiku Deck - simple fun presentations (web-based too!)
Adobe Voice - storytelling that is fun and easy
Story Creator - create beautiful storybooks

All these apps allow for emailing links and copy of URL as forms of sharing.  Haiku Deck and Adobe Voice have thousands of beautiful images available for you to use.  My teacher test-sample loved that feature.  All allow you to pull in your own images.

Use these apps to...
  • have a character tell their story
  • have a person from history share their claim to fame
  • have a cell, plant or planet in the background and discuss its features
  • recite a famous poem or speech
  • write own poem to share
  • discuss a period in history
  • show proficiency in a foreign language
  • share geometric shapes in real life
 All these apps are free,  If you have a creativity app you just love, let us know!

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Redmond Wallace said...

Try this one. It is super fun and we math teachers know how important fractions are.!little-games/c1ujz