Tuesday, March 12, 2013

National Women in History Month Resource

March is National Women in History Month.  Have students recognize the work of significant women by researching, creating and presenting projects that are grade level appropriate and shared with classmates, parents, and others in your school community.  The National Women’s History Project site is a detailed resource for teachers and students, suggesting a number of strategies you can use in your classroom. 

A hint when looking at the NWHM Teachers’ Lounge page – place your curser over the text on the 4th bullet point.  More project ideas magically appear!  I tried it in Chrome and Safari, same issue.

Consider using the quizzes as a pre-unit activity to introduce noteworthy women to your students.  I particularly like this strategy as it gets students thinking about women other than entertainers and athletes who have succeeded in our world. 

Students can use this site as a resource too.  They have access to primary sources, biographies, oral history, and other historical references. 

Another complete resource is the Women's History Month teachers page.

CC Connection: Researching women in history is one way to attain your non-fiction CCSS requirements, as well as meeting research and writing standards.  

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