Saturday, March 2, 2013

National Science Digital Library - Great Math Resource

Below we reprinted our most popular post.  We hope our new readers can benefit from what the NSDL has to offer...

I've felt a little bad as this blog has taken shape. Finding really useful math websites that I can easily understand and that 'somehow' map to CC Math standards has been a challenge. Well, I finally found a keeper! If you teach math, plan on spending some quality time at the National Science Digital Library. The site has a stunning array of easy to find resources and online tools that are directly linked to.... Common Core Math standards.

Enter a grade level to narrow your results, if desired. I left that blank, but I selected Common Core State Standards, and then the Number and Operations in Base Ten 'sublevel'.

I was delivered a very extensive list, many of which are web-based practice sites to reinforce the core standard being learned. What was very cool: when clicking on 'Educational Standards,' ALL the standards that the website supports are delivered. Nifty.

Click 'Learn more about this resource' and you'll see a full page detailing the resource. The green box (lower left below) indicates the Education level, what type of resource (e.g., instructional material, reference) and the subjects included.

CC Connection: I think this will be an extremely valuable source linking the teacher to common-core referenced 'tools'. Math teachers - check out this resource when you get time. Be prepared to get sucked in; I suspect time will fly by as you find useful tools to use! 

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