Friday, March 8, 2013

SEDL - CCSS Math Videos for Better Understanding

The SEDL site is an amazing resource for teacher education.  SEDL is a non-profit educational research and professional development organization.  I was first introduced to them while researching Professional Learning Communities for my school.  They now have a detailed set of videos describing key standards of the CCSS in math (ELA coming soon).  These videos are by grade level and free to view or download.  Each video focuses on one or more specific standard and includes examples and illustrations.  The purpose of the videos is to clarify the meaning of the standard, not how to teach the standard.  

Here is the introductory view, which established the intent of the CCSS videos.  Please pass this link on to math teachers within your network.  They may find this valuable in developing a better understanding of the standards they teach.

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