Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interactivate - CC aligned Math lessons and activities

Those of you who are ongoing readers of our blog may remember - the National Science Digital Library. I believe I stumbled upon a nice companion site to it. It's called Interactivate (part of  and includes activities (online practice) and lessons (a series of well-defined and understandable chunks that do seem to be a complete lesson). This page will help you find activities and lessons based upon Common Core, other state standards and NCTM as well.

I had to fumble a bit (finally using the Site Map) to find this page; once there, I found a good selection of activities and lessons. Access the grade you want within the standard of your choice. Then select the standard and see the lessons and activities. Some of the standards are not supported by any lessons and activities; the vast majority are, however.

There is a lot more to the site, but this is what I focused on today. You may want to spend more time looking over the rest of the site- there is both a student and educator section worth checking in to.

 This site appears to be affiliated with NSDL and provides a subset of the vast resources of NSDL. Not being overwhelmed by choices may be a good thing - what do you think? We'd love to know your thoughts!

CC Connection: CC-aligned math activities for students and lessons for teachers - that's it!


robby panoff said...

Interactivate is now runable on any mobile device. We have converted the Java activities to javascript/HTML5.

I hope this helps!!

Bob Panoff

Gene Tognetti said...

Thanks Bob - that's great news!

We'll help get the word out on this soon.


dinesh bharuchi said...

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