Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Achieve the Core - A Guide to Implementation

Another compelling resource for helping schools implement the common core is achievethecore.org.  This site literally walks your school’s instructional leadership team through the process of understanding and implementing the CCSS.  They provide all the tools a school needs to make sense of and move forward with the shift to the new standards. 
The site is comprehensive, and addresses both ELA and math is detail.  They provide everything from overview to lesson plans.  As an ELA teacher, I was particularly pleased interested in the information on how to use your existing anthology or basal reader in meeting the CCSS. 

The professional development modules contain videos, presentations and useful activities to move your faculty forward. 

A tool that my teachers find helpful is the evidence guide, presented by grade level and duration (single lesson or year long).  This tool provides teachers with the opportunity to reflect both on the expectation and the student work to determine progress towards reaching the standards.

Also included on the site is a collection of resources to help school leadership address parents and their concern.

All these resources are free and you are encouraged to “steal these tools”.  Take a look at this resource for great tools, especially if you are struggling on how to get started. 

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