Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toontastic for Digital Storytelling

I’d like to share a fun iOS app (iPad) for digital storytelling, Toontastic.  Students can created cartoons that when played, give the audience a feeling of a puppet show.

Once the script has been created, students can use Toontastic to bring their story to life.  Toontastic is set up as a narrative plot map, requiring students to address characters, conflict, climax and resolution.  They can then start by selecting scenery, characters, animation and music.  Voice recording of the story is next.  Finally, students can save and share with a global audience.

It is very fun and easy to use.  The free version has a limited selection of sets and characters, but the classroom license ($14.99) opens a world of options.

Best wishes to all this Memorial Day weekend. 

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