Monday, May 6, 2013

LearnZillion - Common Core Aligned Lesson Plans Plus

LearnZillion has a growing compilation of Common Core aligned lesson plans and other resources. The graphic view - in the "Common Core Navigator" -  shows resources starting in kindergarten, but upon clicking around, it appears they start in earnest at 3rd grade and up. LearnZillion has about 2000 lessons, with more coming, supporting both ELA and Math. Their site indicates plans to add Social Studies and Science down the road, as well as some online assessments.

A group of 123 "Dream Team" teachers built the included lessons.  I looked specifically at 3rd grade reading information texts lessons (standard RI3.1) and was impressed by the lessons. I was also very impressed by the extra materials included. See the screenshot below (sorry- hard to read) and notice the Read Aloud Video, Anchor Text and Printable Assessment are also included. Good stuff. Clicked through a few more resources and the quality, breadth and depth also seemed impressive.

These resources are relatively easy to assign to students, or teachers can use the resources in class (project some, make hardcopies, link to the lessons, etc.).  Seems like a fair amount of time was spent making the lessons flexible for differentiation, teacher approach, and classroom needs.

 I will certainly recommend these resources to my teachers as we continue to get our heads around how best to make the transition to Common Core.

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