Thursday, May 9, 2013

Common Core Curriculum Maps

One of the most helpful resources our teachers have used to get their hands around the CCSS has been Common Core Curriculum Maps for English – Language Arts.  Each map includes lesson plans that incorporate all aspects of the standards. 

For example, one unit for 8th grade - Urban Setting in America - has a focus (setting), a comprehensive list of suggested readings in all genres including non-fiction, sample activities and assessments, and online resources.  The unit has the standards noted, and well as access to a checklist that shows which standards are addressed in which unit.  We’ve used parts of this particular unit for my incoming 8th graders summer reading assignment, then continue it once school start in the fall.  

These maps have given our teachers an opportunity to look at their ELA instruction in a whole new light.  It has encouraged us to try new approaches, many times with the literature we already have.  And, it has helped us address our non-fiction concerns with interesting selections and lessons.

Opportunities in all areas (Reading, Writing, etc.) are included with each unit, as well as art and use of technology.

The Common Core Curriculum Maps are available for grades K – 2, 3 – 5, and 6– 8.  You can purchase membership for online access ($25) or buy the book. 

Some math maps are now available, and soon there will be social study maps.  Looking forward to using those too!

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