Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meograph - A Multi-demensional Storytelling Site

First, a thank you to the Moreland and Cambrian School Districts and Krause Center for Innovation for including us in this week’s ed tech training program.  These districts are fortunate to have teachers who are willing to give up their first week of summer to develop their ed tech knowledge.  Their classrooms will definitely be places of higher levels of learning this fall.

One tool they will be using is Meograph.   This web-based application allows the user to tell a story using maps, time lines, images and voice recording.   Even though it appears to be primarily a social study tool, consider its applications in ELA. 

Students can use Meograph to convey the plot line of a story they read.  They could use it to provide evidence of a theme.  They could use it to argue the significance of setting to the story line. 

If you have set up PBL units in your writing class, consider using Meograph to extend a narrative writing assignment or biography.  This program provides a fun, creative way to illustrate any writing assignment. 

Once complete, students can embed their story into their e-portfolio or class webpage.  Students can use it for free, but for $20 per year, your class can avoid ads.  I’ve used Meograph with our 8th graders, and they do enjoy creating and sharing their stories.

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