Saturday, June 1, 2013

Supercharge student learning with the SAMR model!

I've been meaning to write something about the SAMR model, and I just found an awesome 120 second video by Candace M. posted to the #4thchat Daily News . What IS the SAMR model? Essentially, it's a progression describing the 'type' of tech being used. Check out the graphic, which I borrowed from this presentation by the creator of SAMR,  Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura,...

Educators who want to inject ed tech tools into their curriculum to truly augment student learning need to ponder SAMR.

For instance, the "Substitution" level is using Google Docs  as a word processor to replace paper and pencil - that is the "Substitution" level. No doubt a good start, but, uh, insufficient in the grand scheme of things. You can probably get the sense that moving 'up' this chain is a good thing for students.

Watch the short video to learn more! If you're still curious (hint: you should be!), page through Dr. Puentedura's preso, which provides context and some good examples in different subject areas. It'll take a minute to load up in your browser.
As we wind up the school year,  it's a good time to evaluate what you're trying to accomplish with your 'program' in general, where tech can and should fit, and also to try to work your way 'up' the SAMR model. Or, at least plan, and then DO, this evaluation during the calm(?) summer months.

For some additional resources, go to this page  on the Technology & Learning website.  There is a wealth of information beyond SAMR that's worth spending some time exploring as well.

If you're already on summer break, congratulations on a job well  done, and if you are still wrapping up the year: hang in there, the finish line is in sight! Cheers to all!!!

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