Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chromebooks in Education - Awesome Resources!

Here's a great list by David Andrade from Tech & Learning - mostly about Chromebook and Chrome, with some Android spice thrown in. Lots of great details here. Accurate info and well worth the time to dig in!

Don't forget our review of Chromebooks in the 7th Grade Classroom.

Here's a Google Group called Google Chromebook Schools - I just asked for membership, but it looks like there are a significant number of posts.

Here are a few of the resources available from Chromebook Classroom:

Extensions and Web Apps
Classroom Use
Website Resources

There are MANY more resources available at Chromebook Classroom.

Thanks to  of Chromebook Classroom for pulling together this fabulous collection of tools, techniques and tips for Chromebook uses in education! Great stuff...take a look!

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Michael J. Graham said...

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