Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Literacy Shed - Visual Resources for Writing Lessons

The Literacy Shed
While researching tools that promote digital storytelling, I came across The Literacy Shed.  It is a collection of visual resources that teachers can use as a stand-alone lesson, be the basis of a literacy unit, or enhance a unit already in use. 

The creators of The Literacy Shed has categorized the clips and images in thematic “sheds”.  They share details of each, with a little historic background, places the clip in context, and then offer numerous lesson suggestions.  

This is the link to The Great Animations Shed, which includes a clip from the movie, The Rocketeer.  After a brief set-up of the clip, the author offers 6 writing ideas, including writing a newspaper article, a letter, a narrative from a specific perspective, or create a back story.  The options can be adapted to different grade levels and learning styles.  

Teachers can expand this lesson by having students research World War II, flying machines, or other related topics and share what they learn.  Finding non-fiction resources would be a great way to enhance the lesson as well.  Consider using the clips for flipped learning lessons.

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