Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1:1 Classroom Best Practices

My high school embarked on a 1:1 iPad program this year, for all our students. We have learned many things about how to start and develop a successful classroom 1:1 initiative. While "everyone's mileage may vary," there are some important common themes and practices to consider when starting a 1:1 program. We had an ongoing need to capture our best practices for 1:1, so we created a site to do just that.

The 1:1 Best Practices site describes many aspects of implementing a successful 1:1 blended learning classroom, from the classroom teacher's perspective. We used short interview clips from classroom teachers who have significant experience with 1:1 and blended learning.  Wherever possible, some additional information was included that references other sites, app descriptions, student examples, and anything that would add value to a teacher wanting to learn more.

The site contains details about planning, overcoming 'gotchas', brief descriptions of apps and their use, and using technology for student collaboration, communication and creativity. Ways to assess student learning is also addressed. There is also some information regarding a flipped classroom model as well.

The 1:1 Classroom Best Practices site would be appropriate for ANYONE who wants to grow a 1:1 program in their classroom. We would love to have your thoughts about implementing 1:1, as well as any resources you have found valuable. Our program was with iPads, but I think lessons learned in any 1:1 implementation would be of value. Let us know your thoughts!

1:1 Classroom Best Practices

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