Friday, May 22, 2015

Avoid the Summer Slide with these Resources

A few good resources have bubbled up in recent days regarding how to help students avoid the "Summer Slide." Studies - and practical observation of students - have shown time and again that there is a loss of skills when students take their summer break.  Check out these resources I've found that can help lessen or eliminate that slide...

Here's the list so far:

CK-12 BrainFlex - links for teachers and students to set up (free) plans or practice needed work to avoid a backward slide in math and science.

TenMarks - a free program designed to help math students from grade 1 through Algebra 2 stay on track over the summer.

Mathnasium - a list of activities to help students avoid the summer slide.

Reading Is Fundamental - a list of activities for the summer to help students stay on track.

 Scholastic Summer Challenge - is a free online reading program for students as well as schools. Sign up your students and track their progress all summer.

Another interesting site is called the National Summer Learning Association. Originating at Johns Hopkins University, it supports summer learning for all, with a particular focus on underprivileged students who don't necessarily get the same access to books, technology, classrooms and other resources to support their continued summer learning.  You need to check this site out - resources about how to start a program, online resources to support students, and much more.

Do you have other resources? We want to know about them!

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