Friday, February 22, 2013

Opus Math Problem Bank

Teachers are asking for math resources, and here’s a new one, Opus.  Opus is a free math problem bank that was introduced at Imagine K12’s Demo Day earlier this month.  Teachers can search by grade level and subject area, and Opus will produce a series of problem, with the associated Common Core standard (grades 4 and 6 - 8). 

They have set up the site so that the most frequently used problems rise to the top of the list.  Problems can be exported to a Word or Google document.   Have a great problem to contribute?  Teachers can upload to Opus too.  I think this tool would be great for both pre- and post assessments. 

CC Connections:  Opus is specifically designed to help teachers address the CCSS in math.  They appear to be purely computation problems at this point, very useful for practice or for assessment. 


Habib Moody said...

Hey, this is Habib, one of the founders of Thanks so much for highlighting us, Karen! The only thing I'd add is that while we're starting with basic skills, more challenging and engaging tasks are being added to the site all the time.

We're also super eager for contributions and feedback from teachers: just email us at , or use the "Contact Us" box on our website, and we'll jump at the chance to respond :).


Karen Ruiz Larson said...

This is a great opportunity for teachers to have a voice in what is already an awesome website. Thanks for your comment Habib, and best of luck to you and the Opus team!