Monday, April 15, 2013

Share My Lesson - Math and ELA Lessons Linked to CCSS

Share my Lesson is a site with a collection of high quality teaching resources, including lessons, all free to access and use.  The really neat thing about this site is that it has a Common Core State Standards Information Center.  Not only can you find more information on how to implement the CCSS, you can find lessons linked directly to the standards by subject and grade level.  Let’s say you're an 8th grade writing teacher and looking for a lesson to support the informative/explanatory standard W.8.2.  You’ll find over a dozen lessons to consider.  

Same with math.  Second grade teachers looking for lessons to meet 2.G.1 (Recognize and draw shapes…) will find a number of lessons to look at. 

Log in is required, but it is free.  This allows you to curate your lessons.  The CCSS math lessons are available for grades K – 8; the ELA are currently grades 6 – 12.  Share My Lesson was developed by the American Federation of Teachers and TES Connect.  

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