Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skype in the Classroom - Global Collaboration

Are you familiar with Skype in the Classroom?  Skype has set up a collaborative environment for teachers to connect their students with other schools, guest lecturers, and resources around the world.  It offers a platform for students to have an amazing experience with other students, all while sharing ideas and learning.

Skype in the Classroom is free to teachers, and very intuitive to use.  Teachers can search by curriculum area to find lessons and other teachers to connect with.  For example, there is a teacher in Texas who wants to connect with other 5th grade classes to work together on word problem-solving.   Or the teacher who would like her English-learners to practice speaking to others around the world.  Think what these students would learn speaking to other students about culture and society, things they would never encounter studying within the four walls of their classroom!

Skype has also grouped some lessons by ‘collections’, an easy way to find some of the more interesting subjects. If you are looking for lessons on computer programming, oceans, global food, or Spanish lessons, check those out.

CC Connection:  While meeting the standards of the subject areas, students will also address the Speaking / Listening standards of the ELA CCSS.  Additionally, students have an opportunity to develop 21st century skills.

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