Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tax Time Lessons for Junior High

With tax season upon us, many teachers may be looking for financial literacy lessons for students.  Scholastic, Inc., in collaboration with Intuit and Mint, has posted a collection of junior high lessons in tax basics and financial literacy. 

These lessons are cross-curricular and tied to standards (standards matrix included).  They address citizen’s rights, setting financial goals, and the process of filing taxes.  As a teacher of 8th grade social studies, I would introduce the lesson on social contract when discussing the Constitution.  Math teachers would continue on with data analysis and comparison of integers.  Language arts standards are met too, as students communicate and give meaning to research.

To say the least, these lessons clearly have practical, real life application both now and in the students’ future.

Skills include online research, graph and chart creation, and collaborative opportunities.  Some have online worksheets, while others offer PDFs.  

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