Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Organize Your Work With Edcanvas

Each year teachers in the Bay Area have the opportunity to meet ed tech entrepreneurs at the Imagine K-12 Demo Day.  These young men and women create web based or tablet tools aimed specifically to improve student learning.  One of more successful outcomes of a past Demo Day is Edcanvas, a web-based tool that helps teachers and now students, digitally organize and manage their work for a specific unit.

Let’s say you are pulling together all your material for a volcanoes unit.  You may have online resources bookmarked, a document with notes on your desktop, a couple great videos on YouTube, a slideshow or PowerPoint in a folder somewhere else.  Lots of great stuff, but its all over your computer and the Internet.  Edcanvas allows you to place all your resources on one page, or canvas.  You can then share your canvas with your students, other teachers, or the world.  While you are presenting material, just open up your canvas and everything is there.

Now Edcanvas is available for student use.  Teachers can set up a class page so your students can create their own canvases.  Another great opportunity to teach students digital organization skills.

As administrators, we have used canvases to gather information for emergency preparedness, accreditation data collection, and faculty meetings. Search the Edcanvas Gallery for existing canvases that you can use.

The site is very intuitive, and improving all the time. There are links on the creation page for easy navigation as you set up your canvas, or simply drag and drop from your desktop.  The latest update includes quiz creation.  

We have found the team at EdCanvas always available to assist, answer questions, and listen to suggestions.  They have both their phone number and a chat box right on the creation page.  

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Amy Lin said...

Hi Karen!

Thank you so much for sharing Edcanvas. We love working with great educators like yourself and your staff on constantly improving the product. Quizzes was recently added as the most requested feature from teachers! Check it out:

Please let us know if there's anything we can ever help with. :)

Amy Lin
CEO and Co-founder, Edcanvas
[email protected]