Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eight unique sites for summer; read if you want a different list!

Happy Summer! Trying hard not to fall into the 'here are 100 websites for summer' lists that are sometimes seen, we instead provide a short list of some fun, useful (and in some cases, offbeat) websites.

PBS Kids - Many fun games to play and shows to watch. Also check PBS Kids Mobile Apps (including some Android!).

For teachers, PBS Learning Media website has, I believe, just gone through a redesign, and it's cool.  Gobs of training videos and other good PD for teachers, many other resources like lesson plans based upon Common Core and other standards. "Customize" it for your region/state when you get on.

From the We Are Teachers blog: 10 things every teacher should try this summer (NOT tech, NOT classroom related!!!). Must read!

An extremely good Pinterest summer fun list, by Hope Benson.

For boys ... exploding things, mud and other fun, dirty summer stuff to do, from the Reading Confetti blog.

A unique photo scavenger hunt from The Chaos and the Clutter blog (I love that name btw).

And now, for something COMPLETELY different (hopefully the above were, as well). This was written by Maynard Webb, a well-known Silicon Valley Executive, about teaching kids to dream big. Take 5 minutes to read it; you won't regret it.

That's it - 8 links to go explore. Now, go out and do something! Cheers!!!


Sharla said...

Thanks so much for including a link to my photo scavenger hunt!

Gene Tognetti said...

Of course! You're welcome - good creative idea!