Saturday, June 29, 2013

Improving Math Performance with Inside Mathematics

Inside Math logoAs you are looking at ways to ramp up your math curriculum for the next school year, consider Inside Mathematics.   The Noyce Foundation created Inside Mathematics to help educators transform their math practices and to help students better understand the meaning behind the math. 

The site is rich with videos to show you the strategies in action.  This video will give you a brief tour of Inside Mathematics.  Worth the 6 minutes to see what it’s all about.

The Public Lessons provide videos of teachers in different grade levels (2nd Grade – high school) modeling lessons specific to the Standards of Mathematical Practices.  You can also view teachers discussing how setting the proper environment leads to greater collaboration and retention.

The Tools for Educators page leads you to Problems of the Month, stocked with lessons that encourage problem solving skills and look at resolutions from different perspectives.  They are set up in levels to allow for scaffolding and to provide complexity.  Again, there are many videos to assist teachers in visualizing the presentation of material at the different grade levels.

Administrators should spend some time with this site too, as it outlines ways to support the classroom teacher, as well as get a better understanding of its tools can assure success for all learners.


Desiree Pointer Mace said...

Hi-- I'm the architect of InsideMathematics (and the tour guide on that video!) So happy to see how practitioners are making use of the resources we've collected.

Gene Tognetti said...

Thanks Denise! Glad to help get the word out.